Sorcha Thompson

Violinist, Live Music, Studio Work


Sorcha is a violinist living in Berlin. Although she grew up learning classical repertoire and playing in orchestras, her interests have since extended to genres as diverse as Irish folk and synth pop. She is active in several bands demonstrating the versatility of the violin as both melodic and rhythm instrument, as synthesiser and fiddle. No matter the musical context, Sorcha combines genre-specific techniques with her own musical ear to create an authentic, individual sound, whether on stage or in the recording studio.

Upcoming Gigs

10-01-2020, 8:00pm Larkin: Pub 54, Susigker Straße 54 06385 Aken
23-01-2020, 7:30pm Moves Johnson: Deutschmeisterstr. 28, 10367 Berlin
30-01-2020, 7:30pm Moves Johnson: DODO Berlin, Großbeerenstraße 32, 10965 Berlin
01-02-2020, 8:00pm Larkin: Celtic Cottage, Markelstraße 13, 12163 Berlin
07-02-2020, 9:00pm Larkin: Alt Berliner Biersalon, Kurfürstendamm 225/226, 10719 Berlin
10-02-2020, 9:30pm Larkin: Irish Pub Europacenter, Tauentzienstraße 9-12, 10789 Berlin
15-02-2020, 8:00pm Leprechauns: 10th Anniversary Concert, Molly Malone's, Torellstraße 1, 10243 Berlin
29-02-2020, 8:00pm Larkin: Hotel Overdieck, Baustraße 33, 17291 Prenzlau
07-03-2020, 8:00pm Larkin: Honky Tonk Festival (details TBC)
14-03-2020, 8:30pm Larkin: Scala Kulturpalast, Eisenbahnstraße 182, 14542 Werder/Havel
17-03-2020, 9:00pm Larkin: St. Patrick's Day Party, Altstadt Pub, Ritterstr. 98 14770 Brandenburg
26-03-2020, 8:00pm Moves Johnson: Bar Bobu, Müggelstraße 9, 10247 Berlin
28-03-2020, 7:00pm Larkin: Irish-Scottish Whiskey Evening, Lindenberger Str. 1 16356 Ahrensfelde
03-04-2020, 9:00pm Larkin: Alt Berliner Biersalon, Kurfürstendamm 225/226, 10719 Berlin
04-04-2020, 8:00pm Larkin: Honky Tonk Festival, Leipzig (details TBC)
02-05-2020, 9:00pm Larkin: Alt Berliner Biersalon, Kurfürstendamm 225/226, 10719 Berlin
19-06-2020, 8:00pm Larkin: Rumpelscheune Muggerkuhl, Dorfstraße 37, 19348 Berge
20-06-2020, 7:00pm Larkin: Lößnitzer Unterwelten, Oesfeldstr. 13 08294 Lößnitz
22-08-2020, 7:00pm Larkin: Hotel Altstadtquartier, Louis-Harlan-Str. 1 16303 Schwedt
04-09-2020, 5:00pm Larkin: Porta, Lilienthalstraße 7-9, 04509 Wiedemar

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