Larkin are one of the longest running Irish folk bands in eastern Germany. The band was formed in Berlin in 1972 by the Scottish singer Jack Mitchell and today appears in various formations with a range of musicians. Brilliant musicianship is combined with poetic and often humorous German translations of Irish and Scottish folksongs.

Sorcha and Samhuinn

Irish fiddler Sorcha Thompson and Scottish bodhrán player and singer Samhuinn Watt, both based in Berlin, combine to play a sprightly mix of traditional pieces and original works.

Moves Johnson

Moves Johnson is a Canadian-born musician currently living in Berlin. Known for his witty lyrics, eccentric stage persona and passionate storytelling, his music spans many genres and styles. From blues and rock to hip-hop and electronic, Moves does a little bit of everything. His current project, Moves Johnson and the Boxhoppers, brings a patented air of calculated drunken chaos to the stage. Featuring musicians from around the world, Moves Johnson and the Boxhoppers deliver the self-styled "Modern Man's Blues" to audiences. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll love it.